About Us

In this age of customization we personalize everything we own, yet we build our PCs with the same generic parts and peripherals as the next hardware hooligan. Set yourself apart from the masses with Fringe Mods — custom printed auxiliary shrouds, covers, cases and more — allowing you to create a unique build in both performance and appearance. 

Why we Create

Fringe Mods is a project by a pair of modification madmen that just want to see more unique computer builds in the world. The two operate from different parts of the world from the safety of their respective dungeons.

We created these mods to give people more choice in building their systems. Too often we are restricted by things like screw hole placement, proprietary connections, or even completely missing parts, such as a way to hide cables. The goal of Fringe Mods is to continue offering a way for beginners, hobbyists, and enthusiasts to connect computer parts together that aren’t supposed to fit.


Each technical obstacle is an opportunity for a unique solution


There is no limit to the range of applications

3D Modeling

We use industry standard technology to model our designs

Technical Precision

Designs tailored for exact compatibility

Need a Custom Mod Made?

Best Quality Mods and Designs

(Just Kidding)

We Can Custom Design Your Ideas

Have an idea or a request?  Contact us and we will get back to you right away.  We offer consulting services to help bring your ideas to life. 

Your Payment Is Safe And Secured

When it comes to payment and peace of mind, we take security seriously.  That’s why we don’t try to reinvent the wheel with our portal, and instead use tried and true services that will provide you with secure transactions.  Not only is it secure, but provides a huge number of supported payment platforms.

We Source All Materials

Our mods are made with high quality PETG or PETG/Carbon-Fibre Blend. The plastic is non-toxic and biodegradable but not intended to store food.  Electronics are sourced from independent suppliers depending on product. For more information on our products, contact us via the contact page with the specific product name and version.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship all mods directly from North America and Europe

Best Quality

We regularly test all of the materials sourced for our mods

DIY Attitude

Don't want to pay full price? Just buy an STL and print for yourself

Secure Payments

We use proven payment gateways to provide you peace of mind